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The Service Provider, Hypeandhyper Nonprofit Kkt. (registered office: 1027 Budapest, Kapás utca 41. III. emelet 16), determines the Cookie Management Policy regarding the Internet portal operating at the URL address (hereinafter: the Portal) and the Services available through the Portal below.


I. Purpose of the Code

In order to assist the identification and recognition of Users when using the Services of the Portal, the Service Provider uses cookies and similar technologies, thereby enabling the Service Provider to understand the interests of Users with the Services and In connection with the portal, improve the User experience, improve the security and efficiency of the Portal. The user can control and control cookies in the settings of his browser and other tools.

In accordance with this Cookie Policy, Service Provider places cookies in the User's browser and HTML-based emails when visiting the Site and accessing the Services.


What is Cookie?

A Cookie is a mini file made up of letters and numbers and sent to the User's device by the Service Provider from the Service Provider's server. Cookie allows you to recognize when the User was last logged into the Site. Its main purpose is to enable the Service Provider to make available customized offers, advertisements, data and information to the User, which personalize the user experience during the use of the Portal and express the User's personal needs.


II. The purpose of Cookies used by the Service Provider is:

Security: to support and enable security and to assist the Service Provider in detecting infringing and infringing behaviours.

Preferences, properties and features: Cookies are able to indicate to the Provider which language the User prefers, what User's communication preferences, help the User fill out forms on the Portal, making them easier.

Performance, analytics and research: such Cookies help the Provider to understand how the Site performs in different locations. The Service Provider may also use cookies that evaluate, improve, research the Site, products, functions, Services, including when the User enters the Site from other websites or devices such as the User's computer or mobile device.


III. Types of Cookies used by the Provider:

Analytics, Tracking Cookies;

session Cookies that only work as long as the session (usually a visit to the Portal or a browser session) is held;

Permanent Cookies: help to recognize the User as an existing User, making it easier to return to the Portal without logging in again. After the User logs in, the permanent Cookie remains in the User's browser and the Portal can read it when the User returns to the Portal.


IV. Cookies used by third parties:

1. Analytics providers such as Google Analytics, Quantcast, Nielsen, ComScore may also place cookies on the User's device.

2. Users may opt out of the use of Google cookies on the Google Ads opt-out page.

3. You can also disable cookies from other third party providers at


Control and control of Cookies:

1. Most browsers allow Users to control the Cookie application through the settings. However, if the User restricts the Site to use Cookie, the User's experience may deteriorate, since it will no longer be personalised by the User. The User can also stop saving customized settings, such as login information.

2. If the User does not wish the Service Provider to use Cookies when visiting the Portal, the User may terminate the use of certain Cookies in the settings menu. In order for the Provider to become aware that the User has blocked the use of certain Cookies, the Service Provider places a Disable Cookie on the User's device, so the Service Provider will know that it cannot place Cookies on the User's next time visit the Portal. If the User does not wish to receive Cookies, the User may change the settings of the browser on his computer. If the User uses the Portal without changing the browser settings, the Service Provider shall consider that the User agrees to send any Cookies on the Portal. The Portal does not work properly without Cookies.

3. To obtain more information about Cookies, including the type, management and deletion of Cookies, visit or or


Effective: 1. February. 2020